FRESH PRODUCE: The staff at Betros Bros pride themselves on having the freshest fruit and veg around.
FRESH PRODUCE: The staff at Betros Bros pride themselves on having the freshest fruit and veg around. Jessica Kramer

You can’t buy better than with this local grocery store

FOR many, Betros Bros is synonymous with Toowoomba.

They shop there just as their parents did before them, loyal to the store since its inception more than 80 years ago.

For others, they follow what their parents did before them as well, but by shopping at a large chain grocery store, maybe supplemented with a visit to the local butcher or greengrocer.

What many don't realise, however, is that they can get the fresh fruit and vegetables, quality meat, and most of the other items all in one place - with competitive pricing and excellent service to boot.

"It's not just fruit and veg - there's cheese, we've got a really good butcher at the moment so there's fresh meat, there's all the smallgoods, bacon, even fresh and frozen pizzas," Bevan Betros said.

"The bread is baked locally, we have farmers' milk, and one of the largest collection of nuts for sale in the state," he said.

Just a quick look around the store on the corner of Russell and Railways streets reveals even more, from pet food and firewood to recipe bases and spices, to health foods and house maintenance goods like light globes and tools.

You can even find seeds and plants for your garden.

With most of the fruit and vegetables coming direct from local growers, it's as fresh as you can get.

"It's been picked only yesterday or even this morning," Mr Betros said.

This means you can do your weekly shop and then sit back without worrying the beans will be stale within a couple of days.

No more rushing to the stores last-minute because the veggies for dinner have gone off.

Bevan Betros at Betros Bros. The family owned business is on the market and includes the warehouse on Annand St, the business on Mort and Russell and the Dalby Store.
BANANAS FOR VALUE: The family-owned grocery store has been around for more than 80 years. Bev Lacey

Many growers come in to deliver their produce to the store or wholesale shop personally, with some including their home-made pickles too.

It's the perfect opportunity to support all our local farmers in a more direct way as they struggle with this devastating drought.

From several varieties of potato and pumpkin to apples and the more 'obscure' fruit like cumquats and dragonfruit, there are plenty of opportunities to support local and lend your voice to help against the drought at Betros Bros.

One of the other beauties of shopping at Betros Bros is the speedy and personal service.

"If there's anyone waiting in line at the checkouts, the staff will call on another member to open another checkout, so there's basically no waiting to be served," Mr Betros said.

"We'll also pack your groceries into your bags for you, and give you a helping hand out to the car if needed," he said.

Can you imagine getting through the grocery shop with the kids, preparing yourself to do the struggle out to the car with all your bags and crying little ones, and then someone comes up and offers to bring the groceries out the the car for you? Bliss!

What's more, if you can't make it in at all, you can order online at or give Veronica a phone call on 4638 2863.

In addition to the freshness, one of the things Mr Betros prides the store on most is the great value.

There's always incredible weekly specials, which are announced through the Betros Bros Facebook page, but Mr Betros said he commonly sees people walk out with a trolley load after their weekly shop for an absolute bargain.

The Chronicle put his claim to the test by doing two identical shops at Betros Bros and an unnamed large chain store.

For a family's week's worth of fruit, vegetables and meat - as well as a couple of grocery essentials like bread and milk - Betros Bros was cheaper overall by more than $13*.

If this all still isn't enough to start shopping at Betros, why not try it out for yourself?

You can find the store at the corner of Russell and Railway streets, open daily from 8am to 6pm with late trading until 9pm on Thursdays, or in Dalby on the corner of Drayton and Condamine streets, open from 8am to 6pm daily.

The grocery shop test

Betros Bros* Chain grocery store*
700g loaf of white bread: $1.49 680g loaf of white bread: $2.00
2l full cream milk: $2.20 2l full cream milk: $2.20
1kg block of cheese: $8.99 1kg block of cheese: $7.90
2kg chicken breast: $24.08 2kg chicken breast: $24.00
1kg premium rump steak: $25.08 1kg premium rump steak: $23
1kg broccoli: $2.99 1kg broccoli: $4.90
3kg bag red skin potatoes: $3.99 3kg red skin potatoes: $10.50
1kg green zucchini: $2.99 1kg green zucchini: $6.90
3kg whole pumpkin: $2.97 3kg whole pumpkin: $4.50
1kg packham pears: $1.99 1kg packham pears: $3.00
1kg navel oranges: $1.99 1kg navel oranges: $3.50
Total: $78.76 Total: $92.40


*Prices correct as at Wednesday, July 17, 2019.