FOR SALE: A rare opportunity has come up, as a former Dalby man is offering to sell his cemetery niches.
FOR SALE: A rare opportunity has come up, as a former Dalby man is offering to sell his cemetery niches. Michael Doyle

What would you pay for your final place?

HAVE YOU ever considered where you might like to rest once you have shuffled off this mortal coil?

A unique opportunity has come up for those who wish to be prepared for their ultimate demise, to be resting in some sought-after real estate.

Former Dalby man Brendan Tuppack is wishing to sell his three niches at the Myall Remembrance Park front wall, which he purchased roughly 10 years ago.

He purchased the niches in the front wall of the park, as he was told by the groundsman there were limited spaces left.

"The front wall of the park is the most sought after and unfortunately there are no more spots remaining as all spots are filled or reserved," Mr Tuppack said.

"I have three of those reserved spots for sale."

Mr Tuppack, who now resides in Brisbane, said he was selling because his circumstances had changed.

"My grandfather, grandmother, father, and uncle have all been cremated and their ashes are located in the Myall Remembrance Park, so I guess it seemed natural for me to think that's what I would want too," he said.

"Being born and raised in Dalby, it also seemed natural to think that I would want my ashes to be placed with my relatives in the front wall.

"But our circumstances have changed and we no longer want to be cremated."

Four spots were bought by Mr Tuppack 10 years ago, and one of them has been taken up by a relative.

He said he was willing to sell each niche for $550, which he believed was a good price for the fanciedspot.

"I've spoken with council and been advised that the certificates can be transferred at no cost by completing a transfer form," he said.

A Western Downs Regional Council spokeswoman confirmed there weren't any spaces available at the front wall, making Mr Tuppack's offer enticing to many residents.

The council spokeswoman said there were still plenty of spots available around the park.

Those who are wishing to inquire about this forward-thinking real estate purchase can contact Mr Tuppack on 0415320639.