A Burpengary driver “thought he was going to die” after nearly hitting a truck, which had pulled out across his lane on the Warrego Hwy.

Bryce Rashleigh said he had been returning home after visiting friends in Toowoomba last year when the unexpected happened.

Driving on the outskirts of Helidon, Mr Rashleigh suddenly saw a utilities truck pull out across the highway, blocking his lane.

“I can still remember making direct eye contact with the driver,” Mr Rashleigh said.

“It was completely unexpected and I really thought I ws going to die.

“I’m still only a red P plater and I only had it for three months at that point, so I was still pretty inexperienced.

“No matter how many driving lessons I got, none of them prepared me for that and that’s why I will be doing a defensive driver training course.”

Mr Rashleigh stopped just in time to avoid a serious collision, but in testament to how close it was, the truck scraped the front of his car.

“I still to this day review the video footage and I keep thinking on how much earlier I could’ve braked but instead I freaked out,” Mr Rashleigh said.

“After the video, I got out to assess the damage which is was very minor thankfully.

“I was hoping that I’d see the truck driver come back, but that unfortunately didn’t happen.”

Mr Rashleigh said an investigation by the Helidon police revealed the truck was council-owned and he has now placed a claim with their insurance.

“If they’re going to have intersections like that on a motorway at least install some traffic lights to prevent it from happening or lower the speed limit in that area,” he said.

“The council really needs to reassess that area of the road and put measures in place to avoid someone getting injured and killed on their roads.

“Right now I feel like that the council is showing a lack of duty of care and being negligent by not doing anything on that bit of road despite on how many incidents have been reported in that section.”

Originally published as ‘Thought I would die’: Man’s incredible near miss on highway