FAMILY AFFAIR: Barry Seebaren (centre) with his sons Brandon (left) and Blake (right) enjoy playing the sport they love together.
FAMILY AFFAIR: Barry Seebaren (centre) with his sons Brandon (left) and Blake (right) enjoy playing the sport they love together. Michael Doyle

These boys really are in it for the love of the game

CRICKET: Tomorrow's top-of-the-table clash between Quinalow and Colts could define the rest of the season for either side. Victory for Quinalow would put them well clear on top, and victory for Colts would firm them as premiership contenders.

But winning and losing pales in comparison to the joy the Seebaren boys have playing the game of Cricket.

Barry and two of his sons, Brandon and Blake, form a major part of the Colts side. All three have had terrific performances throughout the year with both bat and ball, and any success the Colts have this season may well rest in their hands.

Father Barry said is is a joy to put on the whites every Saturday and play with his sons.

"It's a blessing indeed. It reminds me of when I grew up playing cricket with my dad, my brother, my uncles and my cousins,” Barry said.

"It was such a vibrant and great way to play the game.

"So having the chance to play with the boys is fantastic and thank God I am fit and able to do it still. It makes it worthwhile for sure.”

Blake said there was a huge benefit to improving his skills, having his family in the same team to give him pointers.

"It makes me feel a lot more comfortable when I am bowling and batting and they are able to give me good tips. It is great to play with the family,” he said.

However is it not always rosy, especially if two of them find themselves batting together.

Barry and his other son Brandon had a miss communication in the middle earlier this season which resulted in the older Seebaren being run-out.

While Brandon admits he did sit in the back seat on the car ride home, he insists there were no hard feelings between the pair.

"I'm pretty sure it was alright because we won so I think we were ok,” he said.

Colts face Quinalow on Turf Two at the Dalby Cricket Ground this Saturday. In the weekend's other fixture pits Centrals against Kings XI.

A victory for the Kings XI would lift them off the bottom of the table and keep them within reach of the top three. A win for Centrals would consolidate their third place standing, and would go a long way to help them achieve a semi final berth in March.