IN COURT: Jamahl William Troy Wright faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23. Picture: Facebook
IN COURT: Jamahl William Troy Wright faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23. Picture: Facebook

Teen kicks man down stairs for sitting next to ex partner

A Dalby teenager punched and kicked a man down several stairs at Surfers Paradise because the victim was sitting next to his ex-girlfriend, a court has heard.

Jamahl William Troy Wright, 18, faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23, charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and committing a public nuisance.

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The court heard CCTV footage captured the victim on the beach entry steps at the Surfers Paradise about 3am on January 17, moments before Wright’s ex-partner came to sit with him.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady said the woman asked the victim for a cigarette before beginning an innocent conversation.

Sergeant Brady said Wright was walking behind the pair on the footpath at the time, following an argument with his ex-partner.

“The defendant has walked 20m away from the victim before turning around … [Wright] then walked up and kicked the victim directly in the square of the back, forcing the victim down approximately six to eight stairs,” Sergeant Brady said.

“[Wright] adopted a fighting stance before he walked down to the standing victim, and punched him in the left eye with a closed fist.”

Sergeant Brady said the victim sustained immediate pain and discomfort from the assault, and at no time did he “provoke” the actions of Wright.

The court heard several witnesses observed the unprovoked assault, before Wright decamped from the area.

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Wright was located shortly afterwards verbally abusing those in his party, before yelling “f--- you” at police several times, while continuing to aggravate witnesses.

During the crazed incident, Wright could be heard saying “I’ll beat you around the block”, where he persistently exhibited threatening and disorderly behaviour.

Sergeant Brady said Wright was warned by police to calm down, but he continued to swear, claiming he had “punched somebody in the mouth”.

Wright failed to comply with multiple requests from police and was arrested.

The defendant later admitted to punching and kicking the victim for no other reason than sitting beside his ex-girlfriend.

Defence solicitor Michael McElhinney said he was instructed by Wright that he had been drinking tequila and Jack Daniel’s on the night in question.

He told the court Wright had not touched alcohol since the assault on January 17.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Wright he had acted “dangerously”, warning of the dangers of one punch deaths.

“It was dangerous for him, it was dangerous for you, your family and other people around watching you,” Magistrate Mossop said.

“These are serious offences, and I need to make sure you don’t become a violent offender.”

Wright pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 months probation.

He was then ordered to pay $800 compensation for the victim.

No conviction was recorded.

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