SWOOPING: Dalby map shows where residents have reported swooping.
SWOOPING: Dalby map shows where residents have reported swooping. FILE

Swooping season is upon us

WHILE they are ordinarily peaceful, there is a period between August and October when one of our countries iconic birds becomes defensive.

Magpie swooping season has begun in Dalby, as magpies look to defend their nests from perceived predators.

They tend to attack from behind and people are encouraged to move quickly through known magpie swooping areas.

Many residents have reported areas where they have either been attacked or witnessed swooping.

Councillor Andrew Smith said being aware and taking precaution were very important during this time of year.

"It is magpie season and people should be aware the magpies' are only trying to protect their patch,” Cr Smith said.

"I would encourage people to take precaution, and if they must walk through an area which is a known magpie swooping area, then some sort of head-wear would be advisable.”

Information about the magpie season can be found on the Western Downs Regional Council website.

Some tips suggested to avoid being the victim of a magpie attack is to wear hats, sunglasses or carry an umbrella.

As magpies attack from behind, painting or sticking eyes on the back of your hat or bike helmet may work.