COURT: Here is a list of the funniest excuses for committing a crime that have gone through the court system.
COURT: Here is a list of the funniest excuses for committing a crime that have gone through the court system.

Southwest locals' funniest excuses for committing crimes

FROM drug and drink driving, assault charges or drunken fuelled violence, some people have their own unique reasons for why they disobeyed the law.

The Western Star has compiled a list of the funniest excuses or reasons for committing a crime that have went before southwest magistrates in the past year.


EXCUSE: Assaulted staff because he wasn't supplied with a cake plate.

A DISPUTE over a cake plate at a child's fifth birthday quickly escalated into a violent assault, a Chinchilla court heard.

Owner of Chinchilla's Downtown cafe, Jatinder Kumar, fronted Chinchilla Magistrates court on Wednesday, December 18 on seven charges, including wilful damage and common assault.

The court heard Kumar was celebrating his sons fifth birthday at the Masala Hut restaurant in Chinchilla before he became upset at staff for not suppling a separate plate for cake.


EXCUSE: Thought it would be funny to clash patrons heads together.

CELEBRATIONS quickly turned nasty for a young woman who "thought it would be funny" to clash together the heads of two unsuspecting pub patrons.

Jaquita Cherae Brotherton fronted Roma Magistrates Court for drunkenly instigating a pub brawl on May 17.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the court Brotherton, 21, was out celebrating an 18th birthday at the Commonwealth Hotel when about 11.10pm she approached a male and female talking at the bar and clashed their heads together before walking away laughing.



EXCUSE: Threatening to kill someone was just a joke.

SEEKING compensation for the dozens of seizures he experienced each week as a result of medication, an enraged Scott Drayton threatened to kill a Roma mental health worker.

Appearing in Roma Magistrates Court on Wednesday, December 18, police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the court that at 12.30pm on November 20, the 39-year-old contacted Roma Mental Health to complain.



EXCUSE: Avoided RBT because he heard his phone ping.

DESPITE being three times over the limit, Michael Woodward did not hesitate to get behind the wheel when his sick wife asked him to drive from their property near Surat to Roma for medical supplies.

But that reason didn't hold up for Magistrate Saggers when Woodward appeared before him at Roma Magistrates Court on Wednesday December 18.



EXCUSE: Abused neighbours because their cats kept eating her dinner.

AFTER a heated neighbourly dispute over cats not staying in their yard came to a head, one woman landed herself in court.

Brendalee Deberah Fraser, 58 fronted Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday, facing two charges of public nuisance.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court that at 8.30pm on November 1, Fraser was standing outside her house when her neighbours arrived home.

The court heard Fraser had made eye contact with a witness, before making a shooting gesture with her hand.

She then started yelling, telling a witness that they were a "fat c---," and that "the whole family is going down," and that they are "f------ scum".



EXCUSE: Broke into the Bowls Club and stole alcohol because they were bored.

A ROMA man old enough to know better paid the price for his "boredom" after facing Roma Magistrates Court.

Jeffrey Michael Wells, 31, fronted Magistrate Cridland in court on Tuesday to face two charges for breaking into the Roma Bowls Club.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court on October 18 at 3.45am, Wells and his accomplice forced open the roller door at the club to create enough space for Wells' accomplice to crawl into, where he stole cans of Jack Daniels and Cola as well as a case of 12 700ml Bundaberg rum bottles.



EXCUSE: Blames nephew for large amount of drugs found on property.

A GRANDMOTHER who was caught with more than 50g of marijuana on her property has blamed it on her family taking advantage of her.

Dianne Dulcie Lorraine Pascoe, 64, appeared in Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday facing charges of possessing dangerous drugs and drug utensils.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the court that on July 7 a search warrant was executed at Pascoe's property on McEwan St.



EXCUSE: Told police they should be out catching real criminals

A PSYCHIATRIC report of Stuart James Bazley, 56, revealed the Dalby businessman had a "disregard for the law if it got in the way of his goals".

It was that disregard that had Bazley narrowly escaping jail time as he appeared in court on six driving offences.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told Dalby Magistrate Court on four different occasions between January and July, Bazley was caught driving disqualified, despite having accrued nearly $4000 worth of fines and a four-year disqualification from driving at the end of 2018.



EXCUSE: Thought it was his house and punched the homeowners.

A HEAVILY intoxicated man claims he believed he was on his own property when he was confronted by the homeowner who understandably asked him to leave.

Aaron Lee Grachan fronted Roma Magistrates Court, facing a charge of public nuisance over the incident.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court on October 11 at 6.30pm, police were called to a disturbance on Coronation St, Injune.

The witness who called police had located Grachan sitting on the front veranda of their house and asked him to leave.

Grachan then told the homeowner, "f--- off, this is my house," before attempting to punch him twice.



EXCUSE: Caught drug driving because he was spiked with meth at 14-year-old son's party.

A BUNDY man claims he was caught drug driving after he was spiked with meth at a party he attended with his son.

Paul Robert Zielke fronted Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Thursday and pleaded guilty to driving while a relevant drug was present in his system on McCarthy Rd on October 20.