A JOYOUS HISTORY: Redeemer Lutheran Church in Macalister turned 60 this month.
A JOYOUS HISTORY: Redeemer Lutheran Church in Macalister turned 60 this month.

Six decades of service to the community

THE members of the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Macalister came together on Sunday, December 8 to recognise the 60th anniversary of their church.

Even with six decades to recognise, the Church’s history started over a decade earlier.

The congregation first met in June of 1947 but it wasn’t until 1959 when the Redeemer Lutheran Church was officially founded.

The land was purchased for 10 pounds and the building of the Church itself cost 3304 pounds, 3 shillings and 3 pence.

The building was constructed by carpenters Atthur Crawford and Allen Gunders, assisted by voluntary workers.

Over the past six decades, additions and renovations have continued to for the Church, either through purchase or donation.

A baptismal font was donated by the Sunday School in February 1960, the building was repainted by a working bee in 1964.

Heaters were installed in 1971 for the frosty winter mornings and the following year a fan was installed about the altar.

Nat Muller loaned an organ to the Curch until one was purchased in January 1961. This organ is still in use today.

As changes were made to the building over the years, so too was there a change of leadership.

Pastor Theo Lutze served the community from 1947-1951 before being succeeded by Pastor E Pietsch in 1951 and then Pastor Theo Harms in 1953.

Eleven other pastors served the community until Pastor Ron Buchold took the position in 2017 until his retirement this year.

Records of the first meeting in 1947 list family names that are still in attendance today. Weier, Von Pein, appeared on both lists and have been joined by members of the Schelberg, Heintze, Hohnke, McVeigh, Muller and Cooper families.

A Sunday School was in operation at the church until 2012 when it fell into recess.

Up until then numbers had reached as high as 16 and 17 children in some years.

In 2017 the Church was glad to have Sunday School once again in operation and this year has had four children in attendance.

The Redeemer Lutheran Church has had a wonderful history so far and looks forward to many years to come.

It was announced n November that Patsor Joel Pukallus had accepted the call to Macalister and will be installed in January 2020.