Maureen Hartman and Melinda Daniel from Schrecks Shoe Store.
Maureen Hartman and Melinda Daniel from Schrecks Shoe Store.

Sacrifice and strategy: Secrets behind 88 years of business success

Business owners will know the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices that go into running a successful company.

The key to success and, more notably, longevity has been revealed by a Western Downs business owner whose store has been passed down through the generations beginning with her grandfather.

Schrecks Shoe Store owner Melinda Daniel's history in business began when the store first opened as Fields Shoes in 1902 by Cyrill Field.

Ms Daniel's grandfather Kevin Schreck purchased the store in 1949 following Mr Field's retirement, and changed the name to Schrecks Shoe Store.

The family legacy continued when the store was passed down to Maureen Hartman, who then passed it onto Ms Daniel.



The secret to their success is simple, but one that has only become apparent with years spent in business, getting to know the people of Dalby where the business lies.

"Knowing what your customers want is important," Ms Daniel said.

"We know our clientele and what they like and don't like, we have built a relationship with them.

"We have also built a wonderful relationship with our suppliers over the years which is just as important."

The business model at the store is unique for the times in which they are trading.

They have only just dabbled in the world of online marketing, and even then don't rely heavily on social media.

"We don't have a website and have only recently started a Facebook page," Ms Daniel said.

"While we are seeing the benefits of social media and will continue to build on that as we are always adapting the business, there is no doubt that word of mouth is still our best marketing tool.

"The majority of our clients are return customers and we believe it's important to be upfront with customers and make sure they are satisfied with the product and our service.

"We know happy customers are our best asset."

Schrecks is very much a family shoe store that continues to cater for the whole family.

They offer a wide range of footwear at an affordable price for the whole family, stocking children's, teens, women's and men's footwear, work boots, protective shoes, sneakers, hosiery, shoe cleaning and protection productions and various fashion accessories.

Schrecks is located at 15 Cunningham Street, Dalby and is open Monday to Saturday.

Originally published as Sacrifice and strategy: Secrets behind 88 years of business success