NAMED: Here is a list of Dalby’s dumbest drunks.
NAMED: Here is a list of Dalby’s dumbest drunks.

REVEALED: Dalby’s dumbest drunks, named and shamed

POLICE officers are always kept busy around Dalby, between drunken disturbances at pubs to drivers three times the limit while on the road.

Here is a list of Dalby’s dumbest drunks and what they did while under the influence to end up in court.

Dalby man had 1/2 bottle of rum before driving 147km/hr

DRUNK off half a bottle of rum and with no excuse to drive, Jack Andrew Dukes got behind the wheel of his car and flew down the Warrego Highway at 147km/hr.

Dukes appeared before Dalby Magistrates Court to face the consequences of a serious addiction to meth and an eye-watering, dangerous drink driving offence.


‘Police thought you were dead’

DALBY Magistrate Judge Tracy Mossop was sympathetic towards a defendant earlier this week, after hearing his brush with death.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Derek Brady told the court Shannon Marc Goldie had to fight for his life after crashing his motorbike.


Mother-of-seven urinates in the street

A MOTHER-of-seven has pleaded guilty to being a public nuisance after throwing her urine saturated pants at police earlier this year.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Jodie Tahana recalled the events from February 26 where police found Donella Cubby intoxicated on the footpath.


Teenager leaves friend in hospital after punch

18-YEAR-OLD Billy Jack Heyze left a Dalby boy needing serious medical attention after punching him after a drunken night out.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Derek Brady told the court that the victim was walking home with his friends around 1am on February 1, when they ran into Heyze on Drayton St.


Man arrested for drinking beer naked on neighbour’s porch

A MAN caught lying naked, drinking a beer on his neighbour’s daybed believed he had done nothing wrong when police arrested him for trespassing and wilfully exposing himself.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told Dalby Magistrates Court police were called to an address on Pratten street at 7pm on January 9.


Drink driver told police he wouldn’t ‘blow under the limit’

MATTHEW Jon Burke knew the moment he was stopped by police on Dalby Jandowae road in March that he wouldn’t be under the legal alcohol limit, so he did police a favour by telling them directly.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said police intercepted Burke on March 11 at 3.23pm for a random breath test.


How a drunk elderly man caused a crash on busy Dalby intersection

AN ELDERLY man who caused a crash on a busy Dalby intersection has been reprimanded in Dalby Magistrates Court for being drunk while driving.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the court Barry Richard Brisbane was driving up to the intersection at Wood and Nicholson streets on June 12, at 5.20pm.


What police found before they saw a drunk driver hiding

ON A search for a vehicle flicking its headlights on and off, Tara police located William Michael McGee drunk, and hiding in a ditch.

McGee appeared before Dalby Magistrates Court for the strange behaviour exhibited while he was a drunken passenger in his own car.


‘D---head’ photographed defacing police car outside Dalby pub

SELF-proclaimed “d--ckhead” Christopher Patrick Moore ended a drunken night out in the Dalby watch-house for defacing a cop car outside a busy pub.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told Dalby Magistrates Court at midnight on the offence date, police were conducting patrols of the Criterion Hotel, and parked their vehicle in the car park across from the hotel.


Teenager’s drunken escapades lead to arrest after night out

TURNING 18 and legally being able to drink alcohol is a major milestone for many young Australians, but for Dalby’s Roy William Fogg he learnt there are consequences that come with drunken actions.

Last week the Dalby Magistrates Court heard at 2am on the offence date police were called to a Myall Street address where the victim said an unknown man was on their back veranda.


Man abused police and called them ‘c--ts’ outside Dalby pub

RICHARD Patrick Ballard’s night out on the town went from bad to worse when he became involved in a fight with a woman shortly before he screamed obscenities at police, a Dalby court has heard.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the Dalby Magistrates Court that at 11.45pm on the offence date, police were flagged down by staff at the Criterion Hotel over a disturbance caused by Ballard.


22yo stole $900 in cigarettes from Western Downs servo

BEFORE breaking into a Western Downs service station, Jayden Eric Gahleitner drank four litres of wine, but the liquid courage wasn’t enough as he bolted from the season of the crime and “shat himself” along the way.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the Dalby Magistrates Court that at 9am on February 3, Tara police received a call from the BP service station over claims of a break in.


‘You have cost me my job’, man furious after court takes his licence

MURRAY Jeffrey McDonnell shook his head in frustration as Magistrate Roger Stark read out his sentence.

On December 29 McDonnell was stopped by police for a random roadside breath analysis where he recorded a rating of 0.171.