The Thoroughbred racing pigs
The Thoroughbred racing pigs Emily Bradfield

Racing towards cancer research

KEVIN Kylie has made a career out of pig racing, spending the past 19 years travelling throughout Australia with his pigs helping raise money for charities

Kylie's Thoroughbred Racing Pigs from Sandy Creek Pub in Warwick have raised more than $5 million for charity over the years and their latest stop at O'Shea's Windsor Hotel on Sunday proved to be lucrative for the Dalby branch of Cancer Council.

More than $2000 was raised on the night, a key reason why Mr Kylie and his son hold about 100 of these events across the country.

"It's a chance to make some serious money for charities from Cairns to Hobart,” Mr Kylie said.

Cancer Council Dalby branch chairman Greg McKay said it was the first time the branch had been behind an event like this.

"It has been fantastic, I have never been to pig races before,” he said.

"Dalby is a fantastic and generous town.”

Mr McKay said the money made at the event would go towards cancer research, as well as providing patients with a place to live during treatment.

"One of our big things is accommodation,” he said.

"We have our own accommodation branch in Toowoomba, that we provide to those in treatment, it allows people to stay free.”

Attendees with deep pockets had the chance to buy a pig in the Calcutta prior to the race, with the money pooled and split between the winning pig owner and the Cancer Council.

The pigs were hot commodities with bets being placed as high as $200 for a single run in the final races.

Mr Kylie said it wasn't the first time big money had been placed on the pigs, in fact last year at the Nindigully Pig Races someone bid $1200 on the winning pig and donated the prize pool back to the Flying Doctor's Service.