DAY OF REMEMBRANCE: Officers commemorate fallen comrades at Remembrance Day.
DAY OF REMEMBRANCE: Officers commemorate fallen comrades at Remembrance Day. Joseph Barclay

Police officers salute their fallen comrades

POLICE officers gathered at St John's Anglican Church for Police Remembrance Day last Friday, recognising those who have lost their lives while performing their public duty.

There were flags flown, wreaths laid and candles lit to symbolise the crucial role police officers play in our society.

In a display of solidarity, it was an opportunity for officers past and present to come together and pay their tributes.

Dalby's Senior Sergeant Terry McCullough was one of many who turned out to recognise those who paid the ultimate price, and to honour the lasting effect their service has had on the police force.

"The day is for us to commemorate police officers that have died on duty in Australia and the South- West Pacific,” Snr Sgt McCullough said.

"It is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by officers before us and their contribution to their families and to their communities.

"We have to confront traumatic things such as domestic violence incidences, harm committed against children, death, grieving families and much more.”

There was an added level of sensitivity at the service when commemorating Senior Constable Brett Forte, who was killed after a gunman fired on him and his partner in the Lockyer Valley in May.

With the service highlighting the solemn reality of what members of the police force go through on a daily basis, it reiterates the level of appreciation we need to have for their service to the community.

The Queensland Police Service have lost 145 officers since 1861.