Drug-driving truckie, with radar detector fined $1000

A TRUCK driver's lack of traffic offences despite driving more than 200,000km a year ultimately worked in Mark Terence Schultz's favour.

Schultz, 44, pleaded guilty in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court to possessing a radar detector in his prime mover and driving while a relevant drug was present in his system.

Schultz had been intercepted by police on the Warrego Hwy at Muckadilla about 8.10am on November 17 last year.

Officers noted a suction cap mount with charger cord attached on the truck's windscreen which prompted a search of the cabin, locating the radar device.

Schultz also returned a positive drug test for methylamphetamine in his system.

Solicitor Chris Neville told the court radar detectors were legal in Western Australia so it was possibly a case of being overlooked as to why it was found in the truck in Queensland.

He said his client had no history of like offences and had passed all random roadside drug tests by police since the offence date.

He said Schultz, who averaged about 200,000km a year for work, would keep his job despite a period of licence disqualification.

Magistrate Bruce Schemioneck fined Schultz $1000, disqualified his licence for one month and did not record a conviction.