Hypatia and Heeney St intersection collision.
Hypatia and Heeney St intersection collision. Kate McCormack

P-Plater's car destroyed in crash on infamous corner

SHATTERED glass and broken plastic scattered across the corners of Heeney and Hypatia sts was the result of a two vehicle crash this afternoon.

About 4.20pm, a maroon sedan collided with a white work ute on the corner of the two streets.

Witnesses from the Home On Hypatia residential development said they heard a "big crash" before walking outside and discovering the crash scene.

Traffic crash Heeney Street Chinchilla
Traffic crash Heeney Street Chinchilla Kate McCormack

"I was going down for a sleep with our two-month-old when I heard this huge noise outside," the witness said. 

"When I came outside I saw the two cars out on the road and one car was badly damaged and there was glass and broken plastic all over the road.

"This is the second car collision on this intersection in the last month - there was a very similar incident here three weeks ago.

"This intersection seems to be quite bad for drivers."

"Maybe people are also coming from the city where there are traffic lights and lanes and more signage and directions.

"Here they have to have to figure things out for themselves more." 

Police attended the scene and breathalysed the work ute driver before leaving the scene.