FINALS READY: The girls are prepared to give it their all until the final whistle of the season.
FINALS READY: The girls are prepared to give it their all until the final whistle of the season. Meg Gannon

No stopping for Wheatchix 'til the final whistle blows

RUGBY UNION: Wheatchix coach Rick Stone knows better than anyone that only the cream of the crop in the footy world makes it to the grand final.

So to say he was proud of the Wheatchix for making it to the grand final for the second time would be an understatement.

The girls played off against Toowoomba and Condamine on Saturday for a spot in the grand final.

"They were all pretty nervous but excited at the same time,” Stone said.

"You don't get to play finals footy every day and this was the third time for them so they were pretty excited for it - nervous excitement.”

Training leading into the weekend proved to be the biggest challenge.

"We actually had pretty poor preparation,” Stone said.

"There was a lot of people sick and working so trainings were sporadic.”

But that didn't stop the team from delivering a quality performance.

The girls took down third-placed Condamine in their first game of the day, winning 27-10.

Losing to Toowoomba 24-15 in the second match didn't dampen their spirits because one win was enough for the girls to secure a spot in the finals qualifier next weekend.

"They've been really building up to this,” Stone said of the weekend performance.

"They've been playing a really high quality game for a couple of tournaments now.

"The game against the Bears was actually an excellent game of rugby 7s.

"There was a really impressive standard between them all so it was really good to see.”

The girls will play one last qualifying final against St George on Saturday morning. Soon after the winner of that match will play the Toowoomba Bears in the grand final of the Emilee Cherry Cup.

Despite the Bears having a home-ground advantage for the all-important grand final, Stone is confident the Wheatchix will play to the same high standard they've brought to all their previous games.

The coach has just one piece of advice for his girls leading into the final two games of the season next week: "Don't give the other team the ball”.

Rally around the girls as they fight for their last chance to contest the August 24 premiership in Toowoomba.