WELCOME: New teachers Margot Cooper, Katie Wilson, Nicole Maynard and Vanessa Baker.
WELCOME: New teachers Margot Cooper, Katie Wilson, Nicole Maynard and Vanessa Baker. Ebony Graveur

New faces on campus bring fresh perspective on teaching

THE new year brings five brand new teachers to Dalby South State School.

Margot Cooper, Katie Wilson, Nicole Maynard, Vanessa Baker and Cass Taylor joined the staff at the start of the term and are eager for the year ahead.

Principal David Kucks said he was excited to have the new teachers on board.

"We've got a good balance between staff that have been teaching for quite a while and staff that are fresh into the game, and also staff in their first five or six years into teaching,” he said.

"It's always nice to have a balance because staff who've been teaching a while certainly learn some things from the new staff and vice versa.”

Vanessa Baker, originally from the Sunshine Coast, said she was excited to start her career teaching her class of Year 5s.

"I like it when you can actually see progression - that 'aha' moment when they get it,” she said.

"That's pretty satisfying.”

Nicole Maynard and Katie Wilson agreed the highlight of teaching so far was the excitement students showed when they came to class.

"For PE, they're like "yes, we have PE now!” so they look forward to my class,” said Ms Maynard.

For several of the new teachers, the new role is their first out of university.

"It's really good, challenging, a little overwhelming I would say,” Ms Baker said.

"(When you're training) everything is set up for you but now it's all on you to sort out,” she said.

Dalby South State School implements a teacher mentor program in which new teachers are paired with experienced staff.

"They mentor each other through the process,” Mr Kucks said.

"We implement a program to support our new teachers to make sure they do the best they can and look after our kids the way we want them to.”

He said the best teacher was one with a passion.

"Someone who likes working with young people, is hardworking and dedicated - because teaching is a very challenging job but by the same token is a very rewarding one.”