Scouting is set to return to Mitchell, where locals are in the process of reviving the troupe. (AAP Image/Attila Csaszar)
Scouting is set to return to Mitchell, where locals are in the process of reviving the troupe. (AAP Image/Attila Csaszar)

Mitchell ventures in to scouting

LEADERSHIP and outdoor learning are at the heart of current efforts to re-form the Mitchell Scouting Group.

After a months-long process, Miranda Lewis is finally ready to recruit adult members who are interested in giving Mitchell’s kids a great outdoor education.

The whole push stems from current families of the Roma Scouting Group, who travel each week for meetings and activities.

“There has been a bit of interest from the mothers who go to scouting in Roma already and had expressed interest in having something closer to home,” Ms Lewis said.

“They knew I had done some leading previously, and I took it upon myself to do a big of digging (up information).

“We have been in contact with Scouts Queensland and are now in the very early stages of getting the Mitchell group up and running.”

When it does get off the ground, Mitchell will be far from the first troupe in the west to have a revival.

Scouts Queensland Regional Development Officer Gil Hall said a number of rural groups have been restarted in recent years.

“We have just started up in Thargomindah again, and in the last few years we have reopened Roma, Barcaldine, Capella and Chinchilla,” Ms Hall said.

“So there are actually quite a few groups that we have been really successful in reopening.

“And all of those I mentioned have only opened since around 2013.”

Like its predecessors, the first step to getting the Mitchell Scouts back up and running will be to recruit adult members who can take a leading role with the group.

“We will need about nine people to get it off the ground, including a group leader and a committee, and we would also be looking to for three Joey Scout leaders, and maybe two cub scout leaders.,” Ms Hall said.

“One of the main things we like to focus on is the benefit the adults get out of it too: we can also put them through training that is then recognised in other areas.

“It also has a lot of appeal for families, because the whole family can get involved.”

The Mitchell Scout Group is currently taking expressions of interest for adults leaders, and Ms Lewis hopes to be up and running by mid-2020.

All inquiries can be directed to Miranda Lewis by phoning 0400 866 550