IN COURT: Dylan Bruce Turner Long faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23. Picture: Facebook
IN COURT: Dylan Bruce Turner Long faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23. Picture: Facebook

Man punches security guard during violent pub assault

A Dalby man has been sentenced after he rained down blows upon a security guard because he was refused entry to a pub.

Dylan Bruce Turner Long, 25, faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23, charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and failing to leave a licensed premises.

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The court heard of the booze-fuelled assault on January 21, which started when Long was refused entry to a bar along Cunningham St about 12am.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady said Long then returned about half an hour later, only to be refused again.

Sergeant Brady said at 1.12am, Long came back and tried to push past a barrier, prompting a security guard to block the defendant by putting his hand in front of him.

Long reacted and grabbed the victim, before he pushed him backwards into a garden.

“The defendant then used a closed fist and struck the victim twice in the jaw area,” sergeant Brady said.

“[Long] and the victim were then separated, with the defendant moving out onto the footpath.

“The victim had told [Long] to leave the premises, and at this time the defendant had taken a fighting stance with a clenched fist.”

The court heard the victim raised his hands to defend himself, before Long struck the man near his left eye.

Long then left the premises following the final punch, and was located by police two hours later along Patrick St.

Sergeant Brady said the defendant made full admissions to police, with the victim sustaining bruising below his left eye and to his jaw.

Defence solicitor Michael McElhinney said the 25-year-old labourer was remorseful and co-operated with police.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Long he wasn’t just putting his victim’s life at risk, but his own because he could “end up in jail” due to his violent behaviour.

Long pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months probation for the assault occasioning bodily harm.

He was ordered to pay $1,200 compensation to the victim.

Long was not further punished for failing to leave a licensed premises.

No convictions were recorded.

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