EXPOSED: Police were called to a man who dropped his pants in public, who was also caught with meth utensils.
EXPOSED: Police were called to a man who dropped his pants in public, who was also caught with meth utensils.

Man caught with drug utensils had genitals exposed in public

JUSTIN Thomas Morton told the Dalby Magistrates Court he had become a “burden” to his mother and father after being caught trying to hide clipseal bags and a syringe in a public toilet, and exposing his genitals in public.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady told the court that on April 15 around midday, police were called to a toilet block near the Pioneer Museum in Dalby over claims a man was “acting suspiciously”.

The informant told police Morton had dropped his pants to his ankles, had his genitals exposed to surrounding witnesses, and was walking laps around the toilet block.

When police arrived, sergeant Brady told the court Morton was found inside one of the cubicles.

The defendant said to police he was at the toilet block because he “doesn’t get on with his brother”, and said he was watching a video in the cubicle.

Police located a clipseal bag they believed to have held methylamphetamines in the toilet water, and found the cap of a syringe on the defendant.

The remaining syringe was located on a window sill.

Morton denied knowledge of the utensils saying they were “not his”.

Sergeant Brady said police informed Morton they had been called because someone had complained about a man who was walking around with his genitals exposed.

Morton also denied knowledge of this.

Morton apologised to magistrate Tracy Mossop, and expressed remorse for his actions.

“I’ve become a burden to my mother and my father,” he said.

“I’m glad in a way that I’ve been caught.”

Morton pleaded guilty to failure to properly dispose of a syringe and needle, possessing property suspected of having been used in connection with the commission of a drug offence, and wilful exposure.

Ms Mossop ordered Morton complete a 10 month probation order for the two drug-related offences with convictions recorded, and fined him $250 for the wilful exposure with no conviction recorded, warning the defendant not to come before the court again.

“I’m going to be looking at imprisonment if you come before me a third time,” she said.