DOG ATTACKS COP: Darcy James Collins faced Dalby Magistrates Court on September 15 to vary his bail conditions. Picture: File
DOG ATTACKS COP: Darcy James Collins faced Dalby Magistrates Court on September 15 to vary his bail conditions. Picture: File

Man allegedly tries to ‘disarm police’ before releasing dogs

SURROUNDED by a circle of hunting dogs, Tara police found themselves in a harrowing situation allegedly caused by Weranga man Darcy James Collins.

Collins appeared in Dalby Magistrates Court to alter the strict bail conditions he was given for his part in the alleged serious assault on three police officers.

The court heard of the ordeal police suffered on July 23 when they attended the 50-year-old's address in relation to a disturbance.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the court Collins had refused to leave his home to talk to police.

"When he did come out he was armed with a stick, where tasers were presented," she said.

"The tasers weren't deployed but there was a scuffle where force was used to disarm the defendant and he was placed in handcuffs."


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Police will allege the disability pensioner either suffered a medical condition, faked one, or passed out due to intoxication following the altercation.

The court heard police removed the defendant's handcuffs, upon which Collins reanimated and allegedly hid himself underneath a car.

Collins remained there for nearly an hour while police attempted to negotiate with him according to snr const Tahana.

During this time several hunting dogs began circling the officers, with several shots fired to prevent an impending attack.

"There was a dog who was tied at the rear of his hunting truck, and after some time he let that dog off," snr const Tahana said.

"There was a physical altercation with a police officer who had drawn his firearm … where the defendant tried to disarm the police officer."

The court heard the dog then attacked the police officer, with it being destroyed in self defence.

Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: File
Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: File

In an earlier hearing Magistrate Tracy Mossop imposed several strict bail conditions after watching the harrowing two hour body cam footage.

Snr const Tahana said the bail placed on the defendant was the only reason he was released, stating he had "always downplayed" his involvement.

The court heard all but two of his dogs were put down, with Collins refusing to acknowledge how his behaviour caused the event.

Defence lawyer Matthew Gemmell told the court he only wanted to return to the address to move out his "lifetime collection" of belongings.

Mr Gemmell asked the court if two months could be approved between 8am - 4pm to achieve this, which had been denied by Tara police.

Snr const Tahana said this request was previously denied as it was not to move, but to tend to his property and animals.

In her final submissions, she told the court Collins' was "anti-police", and it was too far great a risk to allow Collins to return to his property for that amount of time.

Magistrate Roger Stark cited Collins' strict bail conditions, and allowed the defendant to return to his Weranga address for three weekends between 8am - 4pm.

The matter was then adjourned until September 29.