Dalby State High students being instructed on the importance of car safety.
Dalby State High students being instructed on the importance of car safety.

Local students learn about road safety

LAST week, Dalby’s Rotary Club held their Rotary’s Youth Driver Awareness Program to year 11 students at both Dalby State High and Our Lady of the Southern Cross College.

Bob Minchin, the secretary for Dalby’s Rotary Club, said the turn out for the program was outstanding.

“We had around 100 really enthusiastic students come along to the program,” Mr Minchin said.

“A couple other schools were also meant to come down but couldn’t make it due to the flooding but it was a great turn out.”

The Rotary’s Youth Driver Awareness started after half a dozen students lost their lives to inexperienced driving a little over a decade ago.

The program started in Toowoomba not long after the accident, making it’s way through schools in the Western Downs.

The program has also recently celebrated 10,000 participants.

“The most important thing is that we don’t want to desensitise the kids.

“You can show them all the blood and guts for a shock factor, but after the second or third session they loose focus.

“We have everything from police and ambulance officers to driving instructors to psychologists to people that have dealt with the repercussions of putting themselves in dangerous situations.”

The program has recently undergone some modifications to ensure kids are getting the information at the right age.

“When we first got involved, the program was targeted at year 11 students, since then, we have lowered the age to year 10s.

“The earlier we can educate them the better.”

A second RYDA program will be held in September for Year 10 students.