INDUSTRY LEADERS: The team at Ag Knowledge are leading the way in the ag industry.
INDUSTRY LEADERS: The team at Ag Knowledge are leading the way in the ag industry.

Local business overcomes hard times to deliver best quality

THROUGH an “extraordinarily difficult” time during unrelenting drought and economic hardship, Dalby-based business A Knowledge has remained a leading force in the distribution of farming equipment to the Western Downs and wider Queensland area.

Ag Knoweldge serves as an Ag Leader seller and distributor, and sells all Ag Leader products, including guidance and steering systems, SeedCommand, DirectCommand and yield monitoring.

They also provide service and repair of all products and machinery.

Scott and Sharryn MacDougall began Ag Knowledge 20 years ago after years of working in the cotton industry.

From selling cotton yield monitors in the early days of the business to developing and beginning the sale of autofarm GPS tractor steering systems, the MacDougalls have ensured each product has been of the highest quality.

Mr MacDougall began as Ag Knowledge’s service sales rep, providing machinery and tools for farms all throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales, Katherine and Kununnurra.

Over 20 years experience means the MacDougalls know exactly what our farmers need, and takes pride in knowing his customers receive genuine economic benefit from their products.

“The products we’re selling are very good products, and very reliable,” Mr MacDougall said.

Ben Tarrant has worked for Ag Knowledge for the last four years, and knows what makes the business stand out among its competitors in the field.

“We try our best to provide, as best we can, a more personal service and be able to work with a customer to give them the best possible option for their operation,” he said.

“We’re not just trying to sell a product, make a bit of money, then say ‘see you later.’

“We want repeat business because of our quality of service.”

Mr Tarrant’s main roles including selling, installing, and maintaining farming equipment to his customers.

He said no two days are the same, but the main goal every day is to provide outstanding quality of service and machinery.

“A day in the life of this role for me is really just talking to customers, talking to growers, to try and help meet their needs, discussing different products we can offer, and helping them to think through what the best option might be for them,” he said.

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