NEEDED: David Littleproud believes the Kogan Creek Power Station could help with Queenslands power problems.
NEEDED: David Littleproud believes the Kogan Creek Power Station could help with Queenslands power problems.

Littleproud blasts new energy plan

AN ENERGY plan unveiled by the State Government on Tuesday has left Maranoa MP David Littlproud fuming.

The Summer Preparedness Plan, drawn up by the Queensland Labor Government's Energy Security Taskforce, will most likely produce ongoing blackouts and a raft of invasive measures, and Mr Littleproud isn't happy about it.

"It's a plan to limit supply, intrude into Queenslanders' homes to switch off their appliances without warning and demand families and businesses turn their air-conditioning to 26 degrees; it's mind boggling in this day-and-age,” Mr Littleproud said.

"Last year, almost a year to the day on October 12, Labor released its 'Credible Pathways to a 50% Renewable Energy Target for Queensland - Draft Report' which included an option to close one of Queensland's coal-fired power stations.

"This State Government is driving Queensland into the dark ages and would rather close a coal-fired power station and go into your home unannounced to turn off your appliances rather than addressing the real issues.”

Mr Littleproud, who represents 42% of the state, said CS Energy's Kogan Creek Power Station is ready to expand and could be the answer to Queensland's energy crisis.

He also called for the State Government to protect the states most vulnerable.

"I visited the state-owned Kogan Creek Power Station and it has the ability to expand operations. There's a coal mine already operating, with coal deposits to last hundreds-of-years, so it makes sense to expand this operation to address the energy price crisis and grow Surat Basin jobs in the process,” he said.

"Power bill fright means we already have seniors and our community's most vulnerable hesitating at turning on a heater during winter and now that we're facing a record-breaking summer, electricity is fast turning into a luxury.

"How can Labor in good conscience milk $1.5 billion from state-owned generators - like Kogan Creek Power Station - but let seniors and families doing it tough baulk at turning on their power because they're frightened of the next power bill? It's absolutely disgusting and it has to stop.

"The State Government's 2017-18 Budget forecasted a $1.5 billion windfall over the forward estimates from the state-owned generators - that's a 110% increase.

"I believe coal remains a vital part of our baseload system... we can't replace our baseload with something intermittent and very costly.”