UP AND RUNNING: The Dalby Baptist Church Food Garden Project provides the perfect learning environment.
UP AND RUNNING: The Dalby Baptist Church Food Garden Project provides the perfect learning environment. Dalby Baptist Church

Grow your gardening skills for the workforce

ONE year after the Dalby Baptist Church officially opened its Food Garden Project to the town, the group is looking for the next influx of volunteers to take the garden to the next level.

The Food Garden Project has just applied to the State Government for funding to facilitate a community education program.

If successful, the program is set to start in the first week of August.

Project organiser Joe Garnham said the program would run for 26 weeks but could be flexible up to 12 months for those who may need extra time to complete it.

"We have applied for a significant amount of funding to enable us to undertake the program,” Mr Garnham said.

"Those who complete it will receive a Certificate II in Horticulture.

"The point of the funding is to get people into employment by the end of the funding program.”

The program will be targeted towards specific groups, including mature-aged people looking to get back into the workforce, women wanting to re-enter the workforce and people with a disability.

Previous experience is irrelevant, as those already with a trade qualification or professional accreditation have the opportunity to further their skill-set.

Mr Garnham said those who join the program will be heavily involved in allowing the garden to continue to flourish.

"We've been supplying produce to community support agencies, trading produce for volunteer labour and time, selling product to the public to cover operating costs and running community training courses.

"I believe we have established a solid foundation and we're ready to move into the next phase in the development of the garden. I think the next development activity will establish the garden as a really good community resource.”

The program will run from Monday-Thursday at the Dalby Baptist Church garden.

The program will be completely voluntary.

For more information on the program or to apply, phone Joe on 0475 816 443.

Target group

  • People over 45 years old
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Migrants
  • People with a disability
  • Young people (15-24)
  • Women wanting to re-enter the workforce
  • Unemployed people
  • Veterans