Rebecca and Craig Beissel with Maggie and Beau, from Maranoa Beef, which will hit the shelves of Roma IGA on Friday.
Rebecca and Craig Beissel with Maggie and Beau, from Maranoa Beef, which will hit the shelves of Roma IGA on Friday.

GOT BEEF: Meat the local business hitting shelves

A NEW partnership between one of the Maranoa's most successful business startups and a local supermarket will give Roma residents the prime option to not only buy local, but eat local.

For more than 100 years, Rebecca Beissel's family have proudly produced beef in the Maranoa region and alongside her husband Craig the duo started Maranoa Beef in 2016.

Born from a connection to their land and their animals, and wanting to expand that relationship with consumers - the couple have been providing high-quality Maranoa beef direct to customers in the form of hampers, providing cuts for the Roma Exploirers Inn, and supplying meat for Uncle Bob's pies.

From Friday, they're strengthening that connection with the launch of the Maranoa Beef and Maranoa Lamb product range onto the shelves of Roma's Cornetts IGA.

"When we started (Maranoa Beef), we wanted to create a closer connection to our consumer, to ensure that the product we were producing was actually meeting all of their needs, and we wanted to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers so we could communicate to them the great work that our farmers do," Mrs Beissel said.

"Our business has grown exponentially over the last few years - it started out with us supplying our own cattle in order to meet demand, but that has grown so much over the last few years that we're now taking on a circle of other producers in the region to help us top up that supply.

"People like to know where their food is coming from, we're really looking to build and grow our business, and support more farmers and more rural and regional communities, but also be able to help consumers source a premium quality product."

While they will continue to sell hampers direct to people's doors in the southwest, Darling Downs, and southeast corridors, the expansion onto the shelves of IGA will help them tap into a whole new market - the everyday consumers looking for something tasty to plate up for dinner.

"It gives us a shop front in our local community where people can drop in daily and choose what to cook for their family that night," Mrs Beissel said.

"They also know that food has been produced locally, it's of a reasonable price and great quality.

"There's a lot of momentum behind #buyfromthebush at the moment, and I think this is the perfect example of how to do it. You're buying from a local business, which employs local people, who are buying from local farmers."

While the family has always prided themselves on raising grass-fed beef, the trying times of the prolonged drought have seen them adapt.

"Over the past twelve months we only got four inches of rain, which is the worst year on record in the 100 years of records we have for the property," she said.

"Some of our products are now grain assisted, but we're still committed to supplying that premium, quality product that comes from a family farm, where it's been lovingly and ethically produced.

"There will be a full range of cuts from both lamb and beef, from premium steaks right through to roasts, sausages and mince.

"We'll also shake things up and add a few different flavours, like a beautiful yellow box honey marinated lamb."

"We get testimonials through every week, and quality is really what sets us apart," she said.

"The quality and the taste of the product is unlike any other they've experienced before, and I think customers really do understand the experience behind what they're eating. The know where that food has come from and know it has been ethically produced."

So, what's next for the Beissels?

"We're looking forward to a successful launch of our product into IGA, and we're really pleased to be working with them because they are really great supporters of local producers," she said.

"We'd love for consumers within the region to get behind and support the local businesses and of course their local farmers.

You can buy Maranoa Beef and Maranoa Lamb from Roma IGA from Friday.