ANNIVERSARY: John Hart celebrated 21 years on the FSD board last week.
ANNIVERSARY: John Hart celebrated 21 years on the FSD board last week. CONTRIBUTED

FSD board celebrates 21 years of Hart at the helm

FOR the past quarter century, the board of the Friendly Society Dispensary (FSD) has had the services of John Hart.

Last week the Dalby businessman celebrated his 21st anniversary as chairman of the board.

Celebrated with a morning tea at the pharmacy, many gathered to congratulate him on his continued services to the community.

Mr Hart said it had been an honour to be a part of the organisation for so many years.

"FSD is a great organisation and is run by great people from the top to the bottom,” he said.

"It has been wonderful to be a part of it for so many years.”

Mr Hart has been a part of many of the projects FSD funds, which has been the highlight of his time as the chairman.

However it is the units for the elderly on the corner of Condamine and Roche Sts, which he holds dear as a proud achievement in the past 25 years.

"The 22 units on the corner have been a highlight because it was all built by local people,” Mr Hart said at the celebration.

"I also was happy in 2015 when we spent $2 million for extra units and building the Western Downs Health Clinic.”

FSD chief executive officer James Bannerman said Mr Hart was an authority figure for the wider community and a man who was well respected.

"John is a figurehead for a lot of people, not just at FSD but also members of the public,” Mr Bannerman said.

"In his 25 years of involvement with Friendlies (FSD) he has seen plenty of change.”

Mr Hart said he still enjoyed being involved with the FSD and looked forward to the continued growth of the non-for-profit organisation.