IN COURT: Vincente James Treveton faced Dalby Magistrates Court on three charges. Picture: Mark Cranitch
IN COURT: Vincente James Treveton faced Dalby Magistrates Court on three charges. Picture: Mark Cranitch

Family feud spills onto street outside Dalby courthouse

A FEUD that erupted outside the Dalby courthouse ended in a car crash across the street at the Shell service station.

The antics of Vincente James Treveton were put on display to a packed public gallery at Dalby Magistrates Court, as he was arraigned for committing a public nuisance, the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and failing to provide particulars after a crash.

The court heard the offences began on August 11 about 10.20am, when police were called to a disturbance outside the courthouse.

The court heard two men, one being Treveton, were arguing and shouting abusive statements at each other.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said police spoke to both parties separately, with Treveton saying he was approached by the man known to him, where threats to harm each other were made.

"The defendant stated he walked away from the argument but then went back to continue it, and had to be separated by security," she said.

"He was issued with a notice to appear."

The saga continued about 11.15am across the street in the Coles Shell Service Station car park where the witness was in a parked car.

Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: File
Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: File

The court heard Treveton has driven into the car park from Drayton St, smashing into the passenger door at low speed.

"The defendant then exited his vehicle and commenced shouting and swearing at the persons in the other vehicle," senior constable Tahana said.

"He then entered his vehicle and drove away from that location."

The court heard police attended the service station and spoke to the witnesses and staff working at the Shell.

Senior constable Tahana said Treveton attended Tara police station about 4pm that day, and told police he had an altercation outside the courthouse earlier in the day, and had seen the same man at the service station about 11.15am.

"He intended to speak with him about the ongoing issues, and stated has driven at the parked car on the passenger side with the intention of stopping [the witness] from exiting the car," he said.

"But he misjudged the distance, with the car beginning to reverse at low speed, and he could not stop in time, and struck the parked car on the passenger side door.

The court heard both men exchanged words about the witness being a "creep", and hanging around Treveton's partner in Tara.

Senior constable Tahana said the defendant told police he failed to give his particulars to the driver of the other vehicle.

Defence lawyer Michael Bond tendered four character references to the court, explaining how the witness had been provoking Treveton, and allegedly making death threats against him.

Senior constable Tahana disputed this saying Treveton didn't mention this during his interview, only stating how the witness was a "creep".


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Mr Bond said all of the parties had lived together, with issues starting when Treveton's partner's sister broke up with the witness because of his alleged infidelity, and it's been a "downward spiral from there".

"My client was concerned that the male would be in his house when he'd go to work, and there's been a lot of friction between the parties," he said.

"Culminating in the public nuisance charge between both of them outside the court."

He told the court Treveton wasn't trying to purposely damage his car.

In his closing submissions he asked if a fine would be in range for those charges, saying his client was remorseful.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Treveton his conduct was "absolutely appalling", saying him returning to argue with the man was the "worst decision [he] could've made".

"You didn't think about the consequences of your actions, you were reacting in the heat of the moment," she said.

"Anybody who reacts and acts that way when they're angry and frustrated is only going to cause other people and yourself grief."

She told Treveton the only thing that saved him from more "serious consequences" was his work history and character references.

"Reign it in, you clearly can do it … you're not just a thug who loses control," Magistrate Mossop said.

Treveton pleaded guilty to all charges and was fined $1000 for the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

He was then disqualified for six months.

For failing to provide particulars after a crash he was fined $200.

For the public nuisance charge he was fined $600.

Convictions were recorded.