MYSTERY IN PHOTOS: Do you have any idea who either of these people are?
MYSTERY IN PHOTOS: Do you have any idea who either of these people are? Nicole McDougall

Do these two look familiar?

THE Dalby Herald office has come across two old photos that potentially have links to families in the town, but we need your help to identify them.

This week the Dalby Herald was sent the photos by Sunshine Coast resident Michelle Walker, who stumbled across the images online.

"I bought them off Gumtree a couple of months ago actually because I was looking for the frames; I really wanted that type of frame,” Ms Walker said.

"But I couldn't bring myself to take the photos out of the frames, I thought 'no, these were meant for these photos.”

The photos, featuring a woman in a dress made out of copies of the Dalby Herald and a man in football attire, prompted Ms Walker to send the items back to the Western Downs.

"One of the photos had the name on there, the Dalby Herald, so I'd thought I'd look that up and see if it was still in existence.

"I looked it up and saw that there was a 150th celebration recently, so I thought maybe you could have used them in something like that and you should have them back.

"I thought somebody must be related to those people in the photos and would love to see them.”

The Dalby Herald estimates the photos may have been taken prior to 1924, based on the masthead layout featured on the women's dress. The images were also printed at the same time.

If you have an idea on who might be in the photos, please contact the Dalby Herald office on 4672 5500.