CRIME WRAP: Here’s what kept police busy this weekend.
CRIME WRAP: Here’s what kept police busy this weekend.

Dalby teen found with bong and other drug utensils

Teen found with utensils

POLICE intercepted a 19-year-old male at 11.40pm on Friday night.

A search revealed the man was allegedly in possession of a bong, scissors, and a bowl related to drug use.

He was issued with a drug diversion as this was a first-time offence.

Night in the watch-house

AT 9PM on Saturday night, police intercepted a 41-year-old female and conducted a search.

She was allegedly found in possession of 1.7 grams of methylamphetamine, a straw allegedly used for drugs.

She was transported to the Dalby watch-house and a bail rejection was completed.

Argument on the street

JUST after midnight on Sunday, police were called to an alleged disturbance on Drayton Street.

They arrived to find a 20-year-old male and an 18-year-old female allegedly yelling and swearing at each other between Flinders Street and Myall Street.

They were both issued public nuisance infringement notices.