FELL OUT OF TAXI: Anthony Look, 67, faced Dalby Magistrates Court on several charges. Picture: File
FELL OUT OF TAXI: Anthony Look, 67, faced Dalby Magistrates Court on several charges. Picture: File

Dalby man punches nurse in alcohol fuelled tirade

AFTER drunkenly falling out of a taxi and smashing his head, a 67-year-old Dalby man punched a nurse, claiming hospital staff were going to kill him.

Dalby Magistrates Court heard of Anthony Look’s night of alcohol fuelled madness as he was arraigned for seriously assaulting a public officer, obstructing ambulance and police, and causing a public nuisance on March 21.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady told the court paramedics requested police assistance about 8.45pm, when Look became belligerent towards them.

The court heard Look had fallen out of a taxi and hit his face on the ground outside his home, sustaining a significant head injury.

Sgt Brady said the defendant began acting in a threatening manner against the police and ambulance officers who were only trying to render assistance.

Police observed the defendant who was “heavily intoxicated”, sitting on the ground drinking from a wine cask, with blood coming from his face as well as grazes on his nose or forehead.

He was eventually transported to the Dalby Hospital, where he punched a nurse in the hand when she tried to move the defendant onto a hospital bed, resulting in the serious assault charge.

Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: Mark Cranitch.
Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: Mark Cranitch.

Sgt Brady told the court about the obstruct offence when emergency services first arrived on scene.

“Police had attempted to help the defendant to his feet, where he’s continued to be extremely belligerent towards police, thrashing about, calling police c---ts,” he said.

“He reportedly told police he would fight them if they touched him, he repeatedly told police … ‘don’t fuck with me’, ‘f – k you’, while they attempted to assist the defendant onto the stretcher.”

After he was calmed down, the court heard he was taken to the hospital, when the defendant continued his anti-social behaviour by yelling abuse at hospital staff, saying they were going to kill him.

Sgt Brady said Look had to be restrained until he was medicated and finally settled down.

Police attended his home address at a later date in relation to those offences, where he stated he had no memory of those offences.

He was subsequently given a notice to appear.


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Duty lawyer Claire Graham told the court the 67-year-old pensioner had acquired a brain injury in the 1980s, and had been undergoing mental health treatment in the past three years.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop noted Look’s recent criminal history, which related to an almost identical offence on Christmas Day in 2019 where he threatened to kill hospital staff.

She told Look he “wasn’t helping himself” when he was intoxicated, but noted the mental health service report tendered to the court.

“Any person who is doing their job has a right to do their job unhindered,” she said.

“Particularly ambulance officers who were there to help you.”

Look pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months imprisonment for the serious assault charge.

For obstructing police he was sentenced to four months imprisonment.

For public nuisance and obstructing ambulance officers he was not further punished.

Mrs Mossop said she took into account those two offences when issuing Look with the custodial sentences.

He was issued with immediate parole, with convictions recorded.