GOODBYE AND THANK YOU: Dr Denzil Daniels and his wife Melinda are leaving Dalby Hospital after a combined 39 years of service.
GOODBYE AND THANK YOU: Dr Denzil Daniels and his wife Melinda are leaving Dalby Hospital after a combined 39 years of service. Meg Gannon

Dalby Hospital says goodbye to two of its greatest leaders

SIXTEEN years ago, Dalby Hospital medical superintendent Denzil Daniels made the brave decision to follow a passion that took him away from his home country of South Africa to Dalby.

As he walks out of Dalby Hospital for the final time today, Dr Daniels has nothing but gratitude mixed with a little sadness for the job that gave him everything, including his family.

Dr Daniels and his wife, former Nursing and Midwifery Unit Manager Melinda, have closed out their time as the dynamic duo of Dalby Hospital.

After meeting through work and marrying 12 years ago, the Daniels have worked together, driven by a love of people and a passion for caring for others.

The two have contributed a combined total of 39 years worth of work at Dalby Hospital, delivering babies, and helping patients and families through some of their most vulnerable moments.

On Melinda Daniels' final day as Nursing and Midwifery Unit Manager in July, she helped deliver a baby boy into the world - the perfect way to close out her 23 years at Dalby Hospital.

Walking out of Dalby Hospital for the final time, Mrs Daniels looked down at her messy uniform and couldn't help but feel overwhelming gratitude.

"When I came to Dalby Hospital I was a 20-year-old, first year out nurse, not married, no kids,” Mrs Daniels said.

"I walked out a 43-year-old woman with five children and so much clinical experience from working in all the different departments and working with so many skilled colleagues in Dalby.

"I walked in not very confident, vulnerable and inexperienced, but I walked out mature, confident and experienced.”

Both Dr and Mrs Daniels agree that being able to bring new life into the world is a career highlight that will never go unnoticed.

"For us to be there as nurses and midwives right in the front row and be able to be such a comfort to people at their most vulnerable moments, that's got to be a career highlight,” Mrs Daniels said.

"That's a lifelong career highlight - that happens every day when I go to work and I never take that for granted.”

"Every baby born is a highlight for me,” Dr Daniels said.

"Especially for all the staff involved and all the parents.

"We look after them antenatally, during the delivery and after they're delivered. I think every baby born is a highlight.”

The Daniels family have relocated to the Sunshine Coast, where they will continue their work.