Cunnamulla man jailed for serious attack on partner, teen

LED away by police in handcuffs, a father of 12 told his mother and father he loved them after a Charleville Magistrate ordered he serve time behind bars after committing two serious domestic violence offences.

The 46-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the identities for the two aggrieved, pleaded guilty to three offences including assaults occasioning bodily harm - domestic violence offence, common assault - domestic violence offence and contravention of a domestic violence order in the Charleville Magistrates Court on Wednesday, April 7.

The father, who has a six-month-old child, will serve four months behind bars after he assaulted his partner and partner's 19-year-old daughter.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens told the court at 1am on February 27, the man was heavily intoxicated when he came home to the two women who were residing at a home in Cunnamulla.

The father questioned the mother why the six-month-old baby was in a cot in their room, shouting "what is going on", before the woman and 19-year-old scurried to remove the baby from the room.

The man became increasingly aggressive, and flipped over a table and pushed the partner from behind, before she pushed him back.

The daughter then got involved and was pushed in the chest by the man, she rocked back and pushed him also.

The man cocked his hand and punched in her the mouth causing her to blackout momentarily and blood poured from her mouth.

The court heard, the partner intervened and was thrown to the ground by the defendant before he grabbed a steel chair and threatened to throw it at her.

She grabbed the six-month old and ran for the door, but the defendant prevented the 19-year-old from leaving for a moment before she broke free and ran outside and called emergency services.

The daughter required three stitches to her lip.

The prosecutor informed the magistrate that the defendant came before the court in February 2020 for breaching a DVO and was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service with an 18-month probation order.

He came back before the court in November 2020 for breaching those orders and in February this year, he was resentenced and was given three-months' imprisonment, suspended for 18-months.

It was less than a fortnight after that court date the man engaged in these serious domestic violence offences.

Solicitor Paul Metcalf said his client was born in Brisbane and moved to Cunnamulla when he was 17-years-old.

He said his client and partner had been in a relationship for some years and the woman had children from a previous relationship who tended to "drop in" to the family home, which frustrated the defendant who said his home was treated as a "drop-in centre".

The solicitor repeatedly told Magistrate Peter Saggers that his client was hard working and a contributing member of society.

"He works hard, and puts his head down," Mr Metcalf said.

He said his client told police that he was stabbed with scissors by the woman, however when he was examined that claim was not supported.

The Magistrate referred to Philip McMurdo, a judge of the Queensland Court of Appeal who provided useful guidance for sentencing domestic violence offenders, saying "domestic violence is an insidious, prevalent and serious problem in our society".

"Perpetrators of serious acts of domestic violence must know that society will not tolerate such behaviour.

"They can expect the courts to impose significant sentences of imprisonment involving actual custody to deter not only individual offenders but also others who might otherwise think they can commit such acts with near impunity."

In order to deter not only the defendant, but society including the Cunnamulla community from committing domestic violent offences, Magistrate Saggers sentenced the man to four months in jail.

For the common assault - domestic violence offence, the man was sentenced to six-months imprisonment, for assault occasioning bodily harm - domestic violence offence, he was given 12 months' imprisonment and for contravening a DVO, he was given three months' imprisonment.

The sentences are to be served concurrently and cumulatively and the offender will be eligible for parole after four months.