Generic set up. Smashed beer, alcohol, drunk. Picture: Brendan Francis
Generic set up. Smashed beer, alcohol, drunk. Picture: Brendan Francis

COURT: Mitchell family racially abused local cop for 10 minutes

A MOTHER and her son unleashed a prolonged racial tirade on a police officer during a 21st birthday party fuelled by an extreme amount of alcohol, a Mitchell court has heard.

Sharon Louise Nixon and Jordan Cody Nixon appeared before Mitchell Magistrates Court on August 3 to face both obstructing police charges and a public nuisance charge for their shameful racial abuse of a local police officer.

Sharon Nixon pleaded guilty to obstructing officers Sergeant Adam Robertson and Constable Kevin Yang.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting said on June 16 Mitchell police sergeant Adam Robertson and constable Kevin Yang were called to an Ann Street home in relation to a disturbance.

When the officers began to make their arrest, Sgt Whiting said Sharon Nixon yelled “have you arrested all the other c—ts for public nuisance?” at the arresting officers.

She then proceeded to shout racially-barbed abuse to constable Yang, such as yelling, “shame on you, you fucking Asian motherfucker”.

“You brought the coronavirus here, you little redneck fucking Asian motherfucker.”

Sgt Whiting told the court sergeant Robertson requested urgent backup at the time while Sharon Nixon continued to yell abuse at constable Yang.

As Sharon Nixon, Jordan Nixon and another alleged offender were being put in the police car, Sharon Nixon said, “move his Asian shit over’, and “this virus shit that he brought to Australia, you and your kin.”

Sgt Whiting said the racist comments continued on for approximately 10 minutes.

The court heard Sharon Nixon approached constable Yang a few days later and apologised for her behaviour on the night.

“Clearly in relation to Ms Nixon, what makes this type of behaviour of obstructing police and public nuisance is those racial slurs and bringing into disrepute a particular race due to the times that we’re living in,” sgt Whiting said.

Defence solicitor Laurie Parker said Jordan Nixon had a heart attack “at about News Year’s Eve last year.”

“He takes medication three times a day,” Mr Parker said.

“He had a lot to drink on that night as well, about 20 stubbies of heavy beer and about six cans of rum and coke.

“I’ve explained to Jordan that you simply can’t take on that amount of grog.”

Sharon Nixon had drunk 30 premixes of Jim Beam and somebody else gave her some bourbon, according to Mr Parker.

“It’s just an incredible amount of alcohol,” he said.

Sharon Nixon told the court that she was “pretty ashamed” of her actions.

“They were poor, bad that night,” Magistrate Peter Saggers replied.

“What happens of course is when you do that, then your boys think ‘well, my mum’s going off then it’s all right for me to blow up’.

“You would know as well as anyone, you’ve probably been called things in the past?

“Probably different for me, I don’t get called by anybody a ‘white prick’ or anything like that.”

Sharon Nixon was given probation for nine months.

Jordan Nixon was sentenced to two months imprisonment, immediately released on parole.

The third person involved has been charged with public nuisance and their case has been adjourned to October 26.