NAMED: Dalby parents behaving badly.
NAMED: Dalby parents behaving badly.

COURT: Dalby parents behaving badly

MUMS and dads of all ages and criminal histories pass through the doors of Dalby Magistrates Court every week, each with their own unique stories and circumstances.

From drug addicted dads to couples with a long history of traffic offences, here is a list of some of Dalby’s worst-behaved parents:

Dad battled drugs for 20yrs because he was in ‘wrong crowd’

A 20-YEAR battle with drugs hit its boiling point for Andrew John Tawns, 42, who appeared before Dalby Magistrates Court charged with a string of drug-related offences.

Tawns, who cited hanging around with the “wrong crowd” as the reason for his drug addiction, stood silently at the back of the courtroom as he awaited the result of his offending.


‘You spiteful s--t’: Read this Dalby father’s ‘despicable’ texts to ex

WHEN a 27-year-old Dalby father found himself locked out of his YouTube account, he turned the blame onto his ex-partner, calling her a “dog”, a “s--t”, and gaslighting her until she was forced to go to police.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the court that on January 21, the defendant was the respondent of a domestic violence protection order which barred him from contacting his former partner unless through a mediator.


Father on crime spree said he stole to provide for his children

AFTER becoming a victim to stealing, Jeffrey Allan Garland embarked on his own stealing spree at multiple Dalby businesses.

The father-of-two kept his head down as police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana rehashed his offences before Dalby Magistrates Court on Tuesday, July 21.


DOG HEIST: Owner breaks furry best friend out of Dalby pound

ADRIAN Kenneth O’Neil Woods squatted down and farted as he left Dalby Magistrates Court after being reprimanded for damaging council property.

O’Neil Woods appeared before the court after breaking into the Dalby pound to break his dog out.


Mum spat on and assaulted Dalby police in ‘appalling’ attack

HEAVILY intoxicated on gin and high on ice, a Bell mother-of-six went on a “tirade of abuse”, attacking police officers in the dead of night, topping off four months of spiralling after her children were removed from her care.

Stacey Mary Hill cried in Dalby Magistrates Court when police bodycam footage showed her spit on and scratch a police officer near the Warrego Highway as they made attempts to arrest her.


Pregnant mum had house raided for drugs twice in three months

NOELLEN May Nicol’s extensive history with drugs began when she was just 12 years old.

Now, at 33, the pregnant mother of two has become fully embroiled in the world of drugs and was the subject of two major police searches for drugs in the community.


Dalby couple go on domestic violence spree over four months

BLEEDING from the mouth and his body covered with bruises after a fight with his pregnant girlfriend, a Dalby man, 27, admitted to committing a string of domestic violence offences against his partner, including smashing her phone, punching a hole in the wall, and engaging in a physical fight with her while driving a car.

The same defendant told Magistrates Roger Stark he wished to resume a relationship with his victim.


Dad hid marijuana in sock after leaving notorious drug den

DALBY police were suspicious of Daniel Kevin Edward Carmody from the moment he “hastily” left a house known for its connections to drug offences, and their suspicions proved correct when he was found with drugs in his sock.

Police were conducting patrols on Bagot street at 4.30pm on May 20 when they saw a car leaving an address police had intelligence about potential drug crimes for, according to police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana.


Mum ‘beating herself up’ over drug addiction

WHEN Katrina Louise James, 36, began using drugs at the tender age of 18, her life began to “spiral out of control”.

But the mother of three hit rock bottom when she began to see how her drug use impacted her children’s lives.


Mum-of-seven steals donations from Dalby charity

A MUM-of-seven put on a poor display for her two young children who watched she targeted a Dalby charity, stealing six bags worth of donations in front of employees.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady told Dalby Magistrates Court police received a call from employees of the Lifeline centre on the corner of Patrick and Nicholson Sts in Dalby.


Drug addicted Dalby mum: ‘I want to make my daughter proud of me’

A DRUG addicted Dalby mother had trouble holding back tears as she pleaded with Magistrate Tracy Mossop to not record a conviction.

Bernadette Anne Baber’s eyes darted across the courtroom as police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana recalled the events of December 4.


Father faces court after fight outside Dalby Big W

A DALBY man and a Magistrate got into a heated exchange in a Dalby courtroom on Tuesday morning after he tried to justify punching a man outside of Big W.

Brett Roland Burke shook his head and kept looking at his partner for support as police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the court of the events that took place on May 1.


Father-of-four steals phone to pay for groceries

A FATHER-OF-FOUR faced Dalby Magistrate Court on one count of stealing after he stole his son’s phone to pay for groceries.

Anthony Joseph Evans moved from one foot to the other Tuesday morning as police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady told the court the facts.


Dalby father-of-three sends police on wild chase

A FATHER-of-three kept his head down as he appeared via video Tuesday morning in Dalby Magistrate Court.

Police prosecutor Jodie Tahana recalled the events of June 4, last year.


Dalby father-of-four caught driving high on meth

DRIVING high on methamphetamine has left a Dalby father-of-four walking on egg shells after pleading guilty of multiple charges.

Matt Ashley Daniells was found guilty on Tuesday morning after being caught drug driving in the streets of Dalby.


Dalby man roams streets with axe

A DALBY father refused to look the magistrate in the eye as she told him to set a better example for his children in court on Tuesday morning.

Neil Phillip Richer kept his head down as senior constable Jodie Tahana recalled the events of April 16.


MAGISTRATE: ‘You’re either a thief or a father’

A 33-YEAR-old father pleaded guilty to attempted fraud in the Oakey Magistrate Court on Friday

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady told the court, that on March 5 at 7pm Joshua Kamp entered the BP in Oakey with the intent to buy cigarettes and also purchase chocolates for his two-year-old child.


Mum of 4 caught with knife in her bra at Dalby Centrelink

A MOTHER of four was intercepted by police at the Centrelink in Dalby after yelling and swearing at workers.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the court that officers were called to Centrelink as Rebecca Lee Thornton’s behaviour was becoming erratic to other customers and staff.


Mum caught driving on methamphetamine four times

A YOUNG mother of four held back tears throughout her proceedings at the Dalby Magistrate court on Tuesday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Derek Bailey told the court on October 6, Kristie Jade Batson was intercepted by police when she was asked to take a roadside drug test and tested positive for meth.