NEW CHANGES: Council are moving to lifetime tags and waiving registration fees.
NEW CHANGES: Council are moving to lifetime tags and waiving registration fees.

Council’s new initiative to make owning a pet an easier process

IN LIGHT of the COVID-19 pandemic, Western Downs Regional Council have made moves to make owning a pet an easier process.

The council will gradually move to lifetime tags and will waive registration fees for desexed dogs as part of a wider strategy to assist the community during the pandemic.

Council spokesman for Planning, Environment and Agribusiness, councillor Andrew Smith said dog owners across the Western Downs would no longer need to swap out their registration tags upon renewal thanks to the implementation of a new, simpler initiative.

“We know how loved our family pets are, and Council is delivering commonsense initiatives to support economic recovery following coronavirus, while also encouraging responsible pet ownership in the local community,” Cr Smith said.

“Council has now introduced lifetime tags, which means dog owners will no longer have to change their dogs’ registration tags at renewal time.

“As part of this new process, we’re asking pet owners to hold onto their existing tags, as when the time comes to renew, you will not receive a new one.

“This is about making a commonsense change in process to make things easier for residents, particularly when we have implemented waived desexed dog registration fees (except regulated dogs) as part of our Recovery Package.

“The waiving of these fees for the 2020/21 financial year is being delivered as part of Council’s COVID-19 Recovery Package to help reduce the pressure on the family budget during these uncertain times.

“Our four-legged friends are a much-loved part of the family, and this initiative will also give people more incentive to have their dogs desexed with their local vet.

“As there will be no fees for desexed dogs (except regulated dogs) and puppies, all current desexed dog and puppy registrations will automatically renew, you will only need to contact Council if you or your dog’s details have changed.”

Residents are reminded that registering pet dogs is compulsory and owners of unregistered dogs are at risk of incurring an on the spot fine.

If you are registering a new pet or your dog’s current tag has become unreadable or damaged, you are encouraged to contact Council’s Customer Contact Centre so a new tag can be distributed to you.

For more information regarding dog registration in the Western Downs, contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624) or visit