NOT GIVING IN: Carmen Duvel is an inspiration to us all.
NOT GIVING IN: Carmen Duvel is an inspiration to us all.

Carmen keeps on dreaming

DREAMS are worth fighting for, not matter what obstacles stand in your way.

When Jandowae woman Carmen Duvel was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 18-years-old, she didn't let it phase her and she is now fulfilling her dream of becoming a childcare worker thanks to a $2000 Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream Scholarship.

"Since I was little I always knew I wanted to have a career to do with helping children, but I thought it was by being a teacher,” Miss Duvel said.

"It was not since I got diagnosed and was faced with the thought of dying did I realise that I wanted to work in childcare and pursue my dream.

"If I am ever faced with something like that again, I want to know that I have pursued my dreams and goals and overall be happy with the life I have lived.”

Miss Duvel is currently in remission with quarterly hospital check-ups, and is intent on capitalising on her 'second chance' at life.

"In 10 year's time I hope to have finished my diploma and to have also finished a diploma in being a centre director,” she said.

"I want to ensure that the children in my care have the best possible start to life and that I have made a positive impact on their lives, ensuring that they know they are cared for, loved and looked after.

"Overcoming a major unexpected hurdle so young has given me more drive and passion for achieving my goals.

"Knowing that I have a 'second' chance at achieving them, which gave me no hesitation to change my degree from primary school to childcare and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.”

Miss Duvel currently works at Goodstart Early Learning in Dalby.