NO BULL: The bull sculpture at the saleyards has been removed.
NO BULL: The bull sculpture at the saleyards has been removed. Michael Doyle

BULLGATE: Unpopular sculpture removed from saleyards

LESS than six months after its unexpected and unwanted arrival, the bull sculpture at the Dalby saleyards has left with its tail between its legs.

The Western Downs Regional Council backflipped on its decision to place the sculpture at the facility, after an overwhelmingly negative response from the public.

"It's been a huge discussion point, I didn't receive one positive comment about it,” councillor for facilities Ray Brown said.

"Its removal is for the benefit of the agricultural community who completely disliked the bull.”

The bull is believed to have cost the council just under $4000, an investment which is now locked away in storage.

Cr Brown said the saleyards committee, which he chairs, was put offside by the "art” from day one.

"There was no consultation with the committee in the first place when it arrived,” he said.

"It's my job to look after the saleyards and there was a unanimous decision by the committee to get rid of the bull.

"This decision was put forward to council and they approved it.

"There's a process you have to follow and the bull has now been removed at minimal cost. It is being kept in storage until a suitable place is found for it.”

When asked whether he was disappointed the committee was left in the dark over the bull's placement at the saleyards, Cr Brown said he aired his displeasure at the time.

Now he just hopes no-one will be put in the same situation when the bull finds its new home.

"Art is a specific taste, wherever it goes there needs to be clear communication and approval process,” he said.

At the time of the bulls installation at the saleyards, mayor Paul McVeigh acknowledged that it would be a conversation starter.

The Dalby Herald will update readers when the bull finds its new home.