Someone failed in their attempted to move a concrete barrier blocking entry to Queensland at Mingoola.
Someone failed in their attempted to move a concrete barrier blocking entry to Queensland at Mingoola.

Border jumper moved an unmanned barricade to avoid detection

AN UNKNOWN person has attempted to sneak into Queensland overnight by moving the concrete border barricade at Mingoola.

Southern Downs Patrol Inspector Dave Preston said the offender attached a chain to the barricade and likely used a truck to drag it off the bridge, along Mingoola Station Rd.

"Because of how the barricades are fixed to the road they only moved it about a foot before they appear to have given up and driven away," he said.

Police noticed the barricade was out of place during the daily patrols of the South Downs police region's 21 unmanned border closures.

Evidence at the scene suggested 4WD motorists had also circumvented the barricade by driving through the dry Dumaresq River that forms part of the New South Wales border.

In response police moved the barricade from the bridge to a grid, making it hard to sidestep.

With news that Queensland will close its NSW border on Saturday Insp Preston said it would be foolish for travellers to attempt crossing the unmanned barricades.

"They are inspected daily," he said.

"There are regular patrols of these barricades and the local coppers know who lives down those roads," he said.

"If they see a vehicle that does not fit the design, they will intercept it."

Of the 21 unmanned barricades in the Southern Downs police region, five are fitted with an electronic control gate that allows locals, including livestock and agricultural transport operators, to pass freely.

Insp Preston said strict protocols were in the place to ensure they were used responsibly.

"Applicants are interviewed by police," he said.

"They are given a digital passcode and if we see the have left a gate open, we can cancel their access in a matter of minutes.

"On top of that we have a camera on every gate."


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