REVEALED: Dalby State High School has the best student-teacher ratio in Dalby.
REVEALED: Dalby State High School has the best student-teacher ratio in Dalby. Chris Chan GLA131011MOOT

Best-resourced school in Dalby revealed

DALBY State High School has been revealed as the best-resourced school in Dalby in terms of student to teacher ratio, according to 2018 data obtained from The Courier-Mail.

The analysis by The Courier-Mail used enrolment and teacher data from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority to reveal the number of students per full-time equivalent teacher at every Queensland school for 2018.

According to ACARA, the national student-teacher average ratio was 13.5 students for every teacher, and Dalby State High School, with 1008 students and 89.90 teachers, beats the national average with a ratio of 11.21.

A Department of Education Spokesman said Queensland state schools were allocated resources based on their enrolments to achieve class size targets.

But in 2018 Dalby State High School also received around $455,000 on top of its centrally funded staffing allocation through the Queensland Government's $264 million Investing for Success initiative, giving it local flexibility to employ additional support staff.

The rest of the Dalby schools had a slightly higher student-teacher ratio than the national average.

The highest ratio in the area was Dalby State School, with a ratio of 15.49 students per teacher.

By comparison, Feluga State School in Far North Queensland has the highest ratio in the state, with only 1.40 teachers for the population of 43, a ratio of 30.71.

The Queensland average student to teacher ratio is 14.7 for primary schools and 12.1 for secondary schools.

The data revealed metropolitan schools were more likely to have student-teacher averages near the overall state average of 13.5 students per teacher.

Of the 100 Queensland schools with the highest student-teacher ratios the split was more even, with 41 metro schools compared with 59 regional and rural.


ACARA national average ratio : 13.5 students per teacher

Dalby State High School: 11.21 students per teacher

Our Lady of the Southern Cross College: 13.94 students per teacher

Dalby South State School: 14.10 students per teacher

Dalby Christian College: 15.18 students per teacher

Dalby State School: 15.49 students per teacher