IN COURT: Samantha Maree Lautenbach faced Dalby Magistrates Court on April 6. Picture: File
IN COURT: Samantha Maree Lautenbach faced Dalby Magistrates Court on April 6. Picture: File

‘Alcoholic’ mum nearly drops 2yo, swears at police

A Dalby woman who nearly dropped her two-year-old daughter while yelling obscenities at police in a drunken stupor has been given community service for her trouble.

Samantha Maree Lautenbach, 31, faced Dalby Magistrates Court on April 6, charged with obstructing police and being drunk in a public place.

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Lautenbach’s regrettable night began about 8.45pm on February 8, when police encountered her after being called to reports of a disturbance on Nicholson St.

Police prosecutor sergeant Chris Hutchins said Lautenbach was pushing a pram and appeared intoxicated, as she was “stumbling, falling over, and tipping the pram over side to side as she walked”.

Sergeant Hutchins said police took up with Lautenbach, when they observed a young child in the pram who was her daughter.

The court heard she was swaying and smelt of liquor, and had started to abuse police.

A Queensland ambulance crew arrived shortly afterwards to assess her as her mouth was bleeding, upon which she picked up the child and staggered towards the ambulance.

“The defendant took three or five steps towards the ambulance before beginning to fall down in the gutter … prompting a police officer to catch her,” sergeant Hutchins said.

“She was then arrested and became increasingly violent towards police.”

The court heard she began to struggle during her arrest, where she kicked her feet out, before being placed in the patrol vehicle and taken to the watch house.

Defence solicitor Claire Graham said the 31-year-old former Swan Hill resident cited she was an “alcoholic” and had been most of her life.

Ms Graham said while Lautenbach acknowledged she was intoxicated on the evening in question, it wasn’t her recollection that she stumbled or swayed.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop accepted that Lautenbach was attempting to do something about her issues, but said she could do better.

Lautenbach pleaded guilty and was given one $600 fine for both offences.

She was then given 40 hours of unpaid community service.

Convictions were recorded.

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