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Peckish Guinea Pig Pellets 1.25kg


Date listed: 13/11/2020

PECKISH GUINEA PIG PELLETS 1.25KGIs your guinea pig feeling peckish?Fill their bellies with something they'll love. High in fibre, antioxidants and with added vitamin C, these specially formulated pellets promote optimal skin and coat health, and contain anti-inflammatory properties to improve immunity.Peckish Guinea Pig Pellets contain all the vitamins and minerals little piggy bodies need to stay happy and healthy. Ingredients: Timothy Grass Hay, Cereal Hay, Alfalfa Hay, Barley, Wheat, Corn, Peas, Bran & Pollard, Soyabean Protein Meal, Vegetable Oil, Air Dried Carrot, Vitamin & Mineral Premix, Peppermint Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Dandelion Lead, Yarrow Root, Pumpkin Seed, Flaxseed, Black Chia Seed, Vitamin C

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